18 - 22 March

John turns the tables on Maude and Vadim, the man who instructed her to drug John. Theresa and Kate again butt heads at a photo shoot and are surprised to see a mourning Nicole show up to work. Gabi and Paul shine at the photo shoot.

Andre pulls out all the stops to convince Chad that Stefano is missing or worse. Still in Las Vegas with Belle, Philip has started thinking long term for the two of them. Philip visits Victor to discuss business. Philip goes to see Deimos and tries once more to get out of their agreement.

Steve is worried Kayla hasn't been in touch and learns she never checked into her hotel in DC. Joey tells Ava he loves her and thinks they should run away together. In the basement, Andre hides from the maintenance crew, unaware the building is scheduled for demolition.  

Steve realizes he has no choice but to find his and Ava’s son in order to get Ava to tell him where she’s keeping Kayla. Roman confides to Rafe his upset over Eric’s situation. Andre returns to the DiMera mansion, having survived the explosion. 

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