20 - 24 August

A grateful Daniel comforts Nicole, while Marlena and Roman rush to Eric’s side. Serena sweats it out as the police hunt for Xander. Victor condemns his nephew to death.Rafe urges Hope to give up her pursuit of Clyde. Stefano tricks Kate into meeting with him. Rafe and Kate question the timing of Stefano's return.

Eric goes to Nicole's room to talk about how close they got while trapped together. Serena exercises her right to remain silent with the police. Victor chooses to spare his nephew's life, stripping him of all his worldly possessions and demoting him to a servant. Xander later shows up at the police station to answer the charges against him.

An optimistic Theresa prepares to take Tate home and move into the mansion. Sonny meets with Chad, who warns him Stefano has returned and may threaten their friendship. 

Sonny confronts Will about using a magazine article to bribe their marriage therapist. Victor explodes at learning that Theresa is moving into the mansion. Daniel walks in on awkward Nicole and Eric and expresses his gratitude that she is alive and that Eric saved her.

Serena and Xander cross paths at the police station where he professes to know nothing about Eric and Nicole's ordeal. 

Chad comes across Ben and Abigail kissing in the town square. Chad goes to Stefano, questioning why he came home now. Eve borrows a key from Theresa to get into Marlena’s locked files. Theresa is upset when Brady insists she go back to work to support herself.

JJ tells Jennifer he’s fed up with Paige putting him down and is moving on with Bev. An unknown man watches JJ with Kyle, and makes a mysterious report. 

Eve stops Jennifer from seeing that she has lifted Laura Horton’s medical file. Paige discovers JJ and Bev making out. After seeing how a couple was brought together over their child’s health scare, Theresa heads home, determined to be a family with Tate and Brady.

Chad again accuses Stefano of having an ulterior motive in wanting him to be with Abigail. Clyde is twigged when Ben says Stefano was trying to play matchmaker between Chad and Abigail.  Kate sets up a mysterious meeting, claiming she has a proposition. 

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