25 - 29 March

Eric is released from the hospital and arrested. Brady confirms to Nicole he’s been dreaming about her. When he describes his dreams, Nicole recognizes them as Daniel’s memories. Victor offers Deimos money to leave Salem. 

The day of Daniel’s funeral finally arrives, and tensions run a little high in the aftermath of his death. At the police station, Eric is arraigned and makes bail. JJ refuses to attend the service, saying he has classes at the police academy. Brady still struggles to put meaning to the dreams he’s been having.

Nicole lashes out at a guilt-ridden Eric. Nicole, having had an epiphany, privately suggests she and Theresa both leave Kate and Basic Black and start their own company. Brady tries to get to the bottom of his dreams by talking to Fynn.

After sending Joey out of the house, Steve offers Ava a deal. Chase is forced to admit to Ciara he has been bullying Theo. Belle overhears part of Philip’s phone call with Deimos and she presses him to tell her what’s wrong. Eve and Claire prepare for the Juilliard audition and grow closer. 

Ava pressures Steve to make love to her, and he realizes he has no choice if he wants to save Kayla. Belle confides in Shawn, who tries to assure her that Claire truly loves her. Theresa and Nicole tell Brady of their plan to have Kate buy them out of Basic Black and form their own fashion line

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