26 - 30 November 

Eduardo goes to the police station to find out the latest on the hunt for Chad. Gabi notices Rafe is distracted and he admits he's attending Paige's funeral today. Chad returns to the mansion, wondering how the cops knew where he was staying. Brady sees Theresa is distraught about attending Paige's funeral.

Steve searches Bo’s cell again and is confronted by a gun-wielding guard. Rafe rips into Eduardo for essentially putting a bounty on Chad’s head by offering reward money. Back at home, Theresa panics when she hears Tate’s piercing screams over the baby monitor.

Chad, Andre, and Stefano come up with a plan to flush out Clyde. JJ meets with Roman secretly and finally tells him what he knows about Clyde – that he’s the drug kingpin. Theresa and Brady learn Tate has colic. As they work together to care for their son, they talk about their own childhoods and grow closer. 

Kayla, Victor, Hope and Maggie anxiously wait by Caroline's side to see if the serum worked. Steve finds a camera in Bo's former prison cell which in turn leads to a room containing video footage of Bo's imprisonment. Bo, very much alive, continues to hold out against the torture.

A cocky Clyde is brought into the station and tells Roman he has no hard evidence with which to hold him. Chad hears from Andre and Stefano about Clyde's arrest, and wonders if his family had anything to do with it. Ben and Abigail are relieved the doctors were able to stop her from going into premature labour. 

Will uncovers key evidence regarding the Necktie Killer.

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