Nicole and Eric argue but finally agree to work together to try to escape. Deimos is angry to learn he’s been tricked, but must turn his attention to his main agenda. Sonny and Paul jump Guy and deliver him into JJ’s custody. Ciara is horrified to learn of Theo and Wyatt’s lie.

JJ and Lani pressure Guy into confirming what everyone suspects - Xander is working for Deimos. Nicole dreads falling back into Deimos's clutches and Eric pledges to not let that happen. As his condition rapidly deteriorates, Brady says a heartfelt goodbye to Tate and John. 

Deimos’s rescue of Nicole is flawed. Hope has no choice but to escort Deimos back to Salem. Nicole and Eric manage to escape and make it back to the plane. In Salem, Brady fell into unconsciousness, and is fading fast. 

Chad ends up hitching a ride with Sonny because his plane still wasn’t ready to fly. Gabi blames the amulet. Sonny tells Victor Deimos is in custody and appeals for Victor’s support in becoming the next CEO of Titan. 

Kayla tells Joey that Jade sabotaged him with Alyssa. Tripp assures Jade that Kayla won’t be around much longer controlling Joey’s life. Marlena and Victor bond in the hospital chapel over their shared concern for Brady.

Sonny, Paul, Chad, Gabi, JJ, Lani and Eli find themselves on an island. Everyone bunks up and gets ready to survive the night, praying for rescue. Hope returns to Salem with Deimos in tow. Ciara tells Theo and Claire she’s leaving town. 

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