3 - 7 December 

The Necktie Killer claims another victim! Aiden knows there’s a big reward out there for Chad DiMera – and he intends to collect.  Rafe and Justin finally clear the air over the animosity between them over the case.  Adrienne has gotten the results of her blood test – but is reluctant to read them.

Gabi, having found Will dead, calls Rafe in a panic. Sonny is grief-stricken. Ben is haunted by his killing of Will.  Steve sneaks into Caroline’s room to ask more about her visions of Bo. John tracks down a woman who taught at the same school as Petrov,

Chad and Ben face off when Chad accuses Ben of being the killer. Abigail returns and finds an injured Ben and a lifeless Chad. Sami is oddly calm as she learns about Will’s death. Aiden must find a way to settle his debt with the DiMeras.

Marlena, Brady, and Eric express concern for Sami. She heads over to Will’s apartment where her grief finally explodes giving way to anger. Kate and Lucas comfort each other in their grief over Will. Theresa confides her worries about Kate to Anne. Daniel and Nicole look forward to starting their life together as a married couple.

After an angry diatribe to a comatose Chad, Sami starts to smother him to death. John meets with a former teacher from Winterthorne Academy to find out what she knows about Ilya Petrov and Forrest Alamain.  Sonny comes home and has an emotional reunion with his parents.

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