5- 9 November

John explains to Brady and Marlena that he wants to use the ISA’s resources to find out the truth about his ancestry.  Theresa stuns Nicole by offering to be her partner in buying Basic Black. Daniel approaches Eric, who has gotten drunk to forget his pain.

Chad is released from police custody, but Justin warns him not to get too comfortable on the outside. Chad accuses Stefano of framing him and as their argument escalates, Stefano collapses! JJ reveals to Jennifer that Clyde is Salem's drug lord. He’s freaked because he believes Clyde murdered Paige to send a message to JJ and that Jennifer might be next. 

Stefano thanks Chad for saving his life and swears he is not framing Chad. Chad tells Rafe he was framed. Ben challenges Abigail about lying and going off to see Chad. After checking in with Justin, Eve is later so distraught, she wrecks her apartment, then collapses.

At the hospital, Aiden tries to get reassurances from Stefano about the money he is owed. Steve reconnects with Joey and subtly admits he went back to the ISA all those years ago for reasons other than simply adventure. Marlena urges Paul to bond with his dad. 
Chad has to hide as Rafe delivers a request to have Marlena work up a profile of the possible murderer(s). 
Victor visits Stefano in the hospital. Aiden has a finger broken by a thug after he can’t come up with the money he owes to a loan shark. 

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