7 - 11 January

Bo arrives to find Aiden standing over Hope's strangled body. The two men fight to the death... and eventually it's Bo that comes out on top. Hope slips off into shock, unable to comprehend that Aiden tried to kill her – and that Bo is back. Bo and Hope are taken to the hospital.

Upset Ben asks how Chad could be free. Chad explains Aiden was apparently the murderer. Ben returns to Abigail, who’s been suffering intermittent labor pains, which prevent her from trying to escape. He insists she call Chad to get him to drop his pursuit of her. In code, Abigail lets Chad know she’s not okay.

Bo and Hope tell Ciara she needs to apologize to Chase. Bo asks Hope what they should do about their future.  Hope isn't ready to talk about the future yet. Shawn sees his father is feeling weak, but Bo insists he's fine – right before collapsing. Jennifer, meanwhile, goes to Hope to comfort her. 

Bo has collapsed, and Shawn panics.  At the hospital, Bo waits until he’s alone with Kayla to explain the symptoms he’s been having, and she immediately orders a battery of tests. He sees her get the results when she is unaware he’s watching, and she’s devastated as she calls in a consult. 

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