13 -17 May

Tired of being the bad guy, Hendrik fights for his marriage. Nina officially declares Lungi the enemy. Sibiya grapples with his conscience over keeping what's not his.

A married couple's past comes back to haunt them. Is Lincoln thinking of permanent plans for him and Lungi? A winning jackpot ticket causes trouble in the hostel. 

Despite Anja and Zandre's attempts to help fix things, Lalage and Hendrik cannot seem to find their way out of the woods. Lungi's hurt to hear Nikiwe thinks she's a gold digger. Gatanga accuses Morongwa of being as selfish as Sibiya.

Anja comes across information that paralyzes her. Lincoln draws a line in the sand with Nikiwe. Sibiya sinks into depression despite sitting on a winning ticket.

Anja confides in Zandre about overhearing their parents' conversation. Kgothalo airs her concerns to Lincoln regarding him proposing to Lungi. Another dream spurs Sibiya into action.

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