18 - 22 June

Sechaba is desperately searching for answers. A blast from the past makes a return that spells danger for Lincoln and Nina.

Lincoln shifts blame to Nina for the police station bombing but Nina turns it back against Lincoln. Wendy’s relieved that Hendrik agrees to keep quiet about Jacques and Thabang’s over living with Charlie in a cramped shack with no water or proper sanitation.

After Benjamin’s visit, Sechaba decides to pay Lincoln an unpleasant visit. When Lincoln pulls rank, Sechaba leaves him speechless.

Wendy is looking forward to putting the past behind her but someone in the present jeopardizes her chance of having a blissful, peaceful future. Thabang receives advice on professionalism that makes him reconsider his living arrangements.

Wendy gives Hendrik a piece of her mind for punching Jacques but Hendrik thinks Jacques had it coming. Gatanga is hurt when Makgorometsa remarks that he will not have grandchildren.

Hendrik’s behaviour baffles Zandre and at the same time, Thabang’s excitement is tainted by what seems to be his father’s altered viewpoint.

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