12 – 16 March

Azwindini turns the heat on Tendamudzimu. James has incriminating info against Thandaza. 

Rashaka tries to win Imani and lethu over.

The police focus on Tendamudzimu as the murder investigation of Konanani continues. Gugu suspects that Rashaka has a secret.

Vhutshilo can't live at home anymore and wants to move in with Mulalo.

The Vhakwevho are divided over Konanani's death. James has a surprise for Thandaza. Rashaka plans to sweep Gugu off her feet.

Susan and Azwindini are given some shocking news about Vhutshilo. Livhuwani is worried that Tenda knows her secret.

Because of Thandaza, Gugu doesn't turn up for an important date with Rashaka.

Vhutshilo's finger prints are found on an unlicensed firearm. James and Ranthomeng get into a brawl in public. Livhuwani's guilt weighs heavily on her.

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