22 - 26 October

Azwindini sabotages his chances of getting out of a Khoroni. Moliehi finds Imani at James’ hotel room.
Vhangani is hurt when Seani breaks up with him.

Azwindini and Livhuwani face up to their sins. A hurt Susan has left Thathe. Vhangani finds out why Seani is leaving him.

Is Tenda playing mind games with Livhuwani? Moliehi finds out about James’ past with Imani. Hangwani walks in on Skhumbuzo and Rendani.

Tenda seems to want Livhuwani back - is he sincere? James puts Moliehi in her place.

Hangwani is devastated by Rendani’s decision.

Livhuwani is growing softer towards Tenda. Susan is resting somewhere exotic and she’s not the same anymore. Moliehi taunts Gugu and Imani, calling them man-snatchers.

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