26 - 30 November 

Everyone is shocked to meet the new Susan. Sundani enjoys unsettling the world. Gugu hears Mme Mashigo out but it doesn’t end well.

Mulalo gets a ghostly warning that leads him to act impulsive. Gugu gets physical with Mme Mashigo.
Moliehi has her first encounter with Lucky.

Mulalo is about to do the unthinkable. Gugu is not happy when Brother Max gives her something from her mother. Thobile is rattled to learn about Lucky and Moliehi.

Sundani appoints herself as the regent of Thathe. Gugu is broken down by Mme Mashigo’s letters. Thobile struggles with her conflicting feelings for Lucky.

The chasm in the chieftaincy widens. Gugu makes a very big decision. Thobile snubs Lucky.

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