1 - 5 October

TK is given another chance, but it may be a trap. He enlists Gail’s help. Mzi turns the tables for Rene. Sabelo and Jafta clash. 

Gail manages to steal the serum for TK, who offers it to Suffo. Mzi and Rene grow closer. Zodwa’s inspiration makes Puleng dream big.

David plays a trick on Gail that brings the truth out into the open. Puleng’s dream of studying further comes across some obstacles. Mzi and Rene take the next step.

Gail confesses the truth to David - but is it too late to make amends? Rene gets ready for her date with Mzi and Pearl finds out who it is. Puleng gets cold feet.

Gail is finally forced to take sides. The new revamped Kilowatt is launched. Mzi offers to end things with Rene - and is suprised by Pearl’s response.

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