12 - 16 November

Lungile has run out of options, and doomed to find that, of all the villains in this story, he is the one blamed most. Sindiswa loses her job at the club.

Lungi is visited in prison by a host of people who wish him ill. The situation between Blossom and Kop further deteriorates.

Suffo encourages Puleng to stop working so hard and spend some time with the kids - but when she does so a parent’s worst nightmare takes place. Sabelo finds out Sindiswa lost her job.

Everyone is going mad - wondering who might be behind Busi’s abduction. Blossom’s condition worsens. Bongi returns to Red.

As Suffo continues to search for Busi, he carries a secret that puts his relationship with Puleng in jeopardy. Jafta is suspicious of Cuba’s newfound wealth.

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