15- 19 April

Suffo decides to keep Madikgetla. Keabetswe in her desperation turns violent. Mampho is worried she doesn’t know enough about Siya.

The rift between Mapula and Keabetswe widens, Suffo meets a beautiful woman and Siya brings another beautiful woman back to the apartment.

Puleng embarrasses herself in front of Suffo’s new friends. Lefa and Keabetswe try to figure out the pregnancy. Mampho closes a door on Siya’s new friend.

Keabetswe prepares for the abortion. Puleng pulls out of the club. Siya gives Mampho the cold shoulder.

Puleng makes a big discovery about Suffo’s new club. David proposes to Gail. Keabetswe internalises the slut-shaming.

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