Nandi tentatively sounds out Khulekani about Zinhle and alcohol. Mapula is very nervous about being summoned to see the HOD at the university and is in danger of going under. Vukile is suspicious of Mampho’s involvement in the blog, and the manager tries to call Mampho out about it, but she holds tough.

Finding herself increasingly alone, Zinhle starts to spin out of control. Banele agrees to help Mapula with her studies but it’s a painful process for both of them. Mampho looks for the Metropol staff’s support against their boss but everyone is too scared to get involved.

Kea learns that her friend might be in trouble but is it too late? Mapula is on a high after she aces an exam with Banele’s help and tries to win her way back into Banele’s heart. Mampho faces the prospect of being unemployed again after choosing her passion over an actual job.

With Kea’s help, Zinhle returns home. Mapula embarrasses herself again by assuming that Katlego is Banele’s girlfriend. Mampho lies to Jafta about still having a job, even as she blogs about what she’s learnt from the experience. Meanwhile, the workers at the Metropol stand up for themselves

Zinhle and Kea are still processing what this is that has happened to their relationship. Hlompho returns on the scene and Mampho is offered two jobs - one at the Metropol and another at 9-Nine. What will she choose?

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