16 - 20 July

Suffo gives Mzi an ultimatum over Pearl. Mapula gets blamed for Melusi’s actions. Kop learns his house is not in his name.

David tries to recruit Suffo to bring down Pearl and Mzi’s relationship. Fats refuses to hand the title deed over to Kop. Mapula’s trials aren’t over yet, but Rene stands up for her. 

David learns that Mzi doesn’t know about the Pearl-Suffo engagement. Puleng plays hard ball with Suffo. Mapula hides her suspension from school.

David seems to be all loving and understanding when he suggests the Genaros and Ndlovus meet for a dinner. But what are his real plans? Kop has a new idea for getting the house.

Dumi confronts Melusi. Mapula plans to run away. Suffo calls David’s bluff. Kop secures the house.

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