Nandi expresses her suspicion of Khulekani to Ziyanda. Zinhle and Kea have a breakthrough. Sabelo takes strain trying to keep his family together. Jafta tries to find somewhere else for Mampho to stay. Kea expects Zinhle to kick her out after telling her what she thinks of her, but Zinhle surprisingly opens up to Kea.

Dumi goes missing. Mampho is offended when Sindiswa suggests a waitering job.Khulekani’s drug hits the streets. A boy matching Dumi’s description is seen at a crime scene. Mampho messes up at the Metropol.

Zinhle discovers the bottle of Slaza in her home and a new idea occurs to her. Dumi comes home. Mampho tries to be a waitress.Zinhle has a new plan to win over Kea’s friends. Gift gives Mapula an ultimatum and Mampho puts aside her pride. Mampho is determined to put in the effort needed to be a professional waitress.

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