22 - 26 October

Romeo sees a suspicious interaction and thinks he has finally got the ammunition to bring Mthunzi down.  Ingrid tries a new tactic with her father and Dintle manages to make a profit. Gloria pretends to want to be Caiphus' friend with surprising results.                                                                                                      

Tshepo finds Chumani's new arrangement a disappointment and Romeo insists that Chumani stay mum.  Dintle spins a web of lies and Wesley is none the wiser. Gloria takes advantage of Caiphus' kindness and he kicks the ball to Neo. 

Chumani tries to find something real amongst the fakery. Ingrid fears that Wesley is blind to the truth.  Gloria finds her act at odds with her heart.
Chumani is shaken by the idea that someone could be plotting murder against the family but Romeo pitches an idea to prevent that. Dintle plants an idea in Wesley's head and the furious Ingrid calls her a gold-digger. Stokkies' plans to get a man fired, helps that man realise that he's in love. 

Mthunzi deals with an obstacle in his path and begins to look elsewhere to achieve his goals. Dintle tries to mend fences with Ingrid but only manages to freak her out further. Stokkies feels betrayed and disappointed by a colleague.

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