26 - 30 November

A former gangster makes a business proposition to an associate, but will the associate fall for it? Phindi makes a decision which upsets Javas and this leads to unexpected consequences. Another couple 'breaks up'. 

A police officer betrays his superior's wishes and leaks information to a colleague.  Gloria finds that her lunch times are not what they used to be and objects loudly.  A mother finds out worrying information out about her daughter's marriage. 

A double crosser is about to be double crossed by an ally with a secret grudge. A wife is unhappy to realise she has less sway with her husband than an inconvenient guest. Two exes try and move on from their break up with different degrees of success.

Neo is warned of a clear and present danger but is the warning timeous?  Tshepo does an about turn but still Chumani gets no joy. 

Neo and Quinton find themselves in hot water with the police. Stokkies and Gloria learn that someone could be taking advantage of their colleagues. Romeo gets a confession out of his therapist.

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