18 - 22 February

Lehasa has numerous rude surprises in store for Lelo. The learners perform their poems in front of the teachers and are all too keen for the results. Things continue being tense between Celia and Alfred prompting Nimza to intervene.

Noah’s joy is short lived when Koloi bursts his bubble about his poetry. Lehasa and Lelo find themselves at loggerheads again. Kwaito’s financial strain worsens when the plumber leaves them with bad news.

Lehasa says the unthinkable to Lelo, leaving her in tears. Koloi leaves Noah between a rock and a hard place regarding his latest crime. Pretty moans when Kwaito announces certain household developments.

Tensions mount between Lelo and Lehasa as they continue to outwit each other. The tables begin to turn as Alfred garners sympathy from the staff. Noah’s anguish intensifies as Koloi blackmails him.

Principal and Manaka celebrate the departure of a common nemesis from Turf High. Lehasa reveals that he’s thinking of cutting ties with one of the ladies in his life. Pretty turns down a job offer that has literally come to her on a silver platter.

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