19 – 23 March

Zende greets his parents, Kristen and Tony, who have flown to Los Angeles to attend their son’s wedding. Nicole shares a tender moment with her parents before the wedding begins. Sasha expresses her gratitude to Nicole for allowing her to attend the wedding.

Pam tends to the caterers, bragging that she made the cake. Shirley enters the Spectra office with a couple of cakes, which gives Sally an idea about how to garner more publicity for Spectra. The sexual tension between Ridge and Quinn before the ceremony is palpable.

The wedding begins as Nicole appears at the top of the staircase ready to descend on Julius’ arms. Nicole notices the amazing gift that Zende made for her.

Carter is the Justice of the Peace at the wedding and begins the ceremony with a beautiful speech. Not at the wedding, Bill and Wyatt commiserate on their failed relationships.

Bill refuses to accept Brooke and Ridge’s engagement and becomes emotional thinking about his previous weddings with Brooke. Family members make heartfelt speeches before Zende and Nicole begin reciting their vows.

The attendants at the wedding all congratulate the newlyweds and the reception begins! Family members toast to Nicole and Zende. Before the reception is even over, Quinn has Nicole’s portrait taken down and her own put back up.

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