Nkunzi’s plan backfires in the worst way possible, Gabisile is shocked by Khehla’s decision, and Fikile’s ambition almost gets her killed. Gabisile betrays Qhabanga in the worst way imaginable - his marital bed. Khathaza may be losing a loved one, much to his ignorance.

MaMlambo and MaZaza have the same trick up their sleeve to outwit each other but it fails. A conflicted Gabisile deceptively shuns away from her marital duties. MaNgcobo avoids Khathaza and Khehla is more skillful than anticipated.

Qhabanga continues building his house of cards and MaMlambo is fed up with Nkunzi. Khathaza kills Badumile. Qhabanga and Gabisile wrestle with the reality of having fallen out of love. Sbu finds solace in gambling.