While 2017 was a constant reminder of the numerous challenges and oppression women still face in all arenas around the world, it has also been a major wakeup call to men (and women).

The wave of the Weinstein ripple effect saw women breaking the culture of silence and more men continue to barrel into the headlines. Women in sport fought against the pay gap and won the right to equal prize money.

Ariel Winter responded with "Let me live" to the haters of her body baring Instagrams and activist Malala Yousafzai was named American University's Wonk of the Year in 2017 and was accepted to study at Oxford University.

Although a distressing sweep of oppressions is still very much an unresolved issue, change is slowly happening and the internet continues to help progress this new wave of modern feminism. In a way, social media has democratised feminist activism, notes MSNBC.

Here is our countdown of our 14 favourite posts.

14. Yep, that was the ridiculous logic anyway

Until the tradition enshrined in their rigid religious fatwas was finally overruled and Saudi women spun their cars in circles of delight.

And we love Ford's bad-ass ad that followed the announcement.

13. The tea we wish existed

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12. Because women can drop their razors too

11. Who's next?

10. If only...

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9. Hmmmmm

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8. Epic burn

7. Logic, where art thou?

6. Makeup, no makeup – still confident AF

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5. Yaaas, sista!

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4. We're glad you know life without you is incomplete, man

3. Basically, just be on mute

2. There's nothing luxurious about having my period

1. And here's hoping 2018 will see a necessary shift in the mental load

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