Period tracking apps give you period predictions based on your previous cycles, track moods and symptoms, indicate your fertility window and while we wish they would also take the cramps on our behalf, all the agony would probably just crack our phone screens.

Gone are the days of red circles marked on calendars and finger counting backwards to your last period just to check if your body is not playing tricks on you when your breasts suddenly become tender.

Period tracking apps are arguably the most useful thing any woman of menstruating age can have on their phone.

It’s easy to navigate and requires very little from you. All you have to do is fill in your weight, height, age, length of your period, how long your cycle is and, on some apps, even your sleep duration.

These digital helpers count down to your period, pick up on delayed/missed periods based on the information you provide and tell you on which dates exactly you are ovulating - this is very handy for people who are hoping to see a baby bump soon.

And if you're a shy gal, who doesn't openly talk about how annoying Aunty Flo's visits can be and the problems she brings into your life, there are forums you can find on the apps, where other app users share their grievances and ask questions you perhaps have also been sitting on.

Here are the best period tracking apps for both android and iOS phones:

1. Period Tracker

This app bases its predictions on your last three (or more) periods by calculating an average rather than assuming we all have 28 day cycles. It's your go-to if you tend to lose track of your days and need some new age assistance.

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2. Fertility Friend Mobile

Not keen on bring a mini-you into the world just yet? Then don't download this one because it's for the ladies who are trying to conceive. The main focus of FFM is your fertililty window, which it determines from the information you feed it about your overall menstrual health.

3. Clue

I personally think this is the Beyonce of period apps. It does more than just handle your period admin, as it also shares articles on the hormones you produce at different points in your cycle, gynae tips and handy resources for trans women. If you're an iPhone user, you have the option of linking it with the Health app already on your phone for a more well-rounded experience.

4. Period Diary

A lovely, visually discreet app on your smartphone that tracks your menstrual cycle, boasts a PMS calendar that totally understands the sudden bouts of road rage and even sends alerts for when you need to take your oral contraceptives.

Yay for apps that are more in sync with our bodies' needs than menstrual cycles in a girls' res!

But beware some of these cons: