Looking at how technology has changed our lives especially in the last decade, it's fantastic to acknowledge how far we've come because of the women listed below.

Not only have they influenced how we work, learn, shop and play, they're helping us reimagine how we're going to live in the future.

Here's a list of just a few women who are making strides in this industry.

1. Sam Wright

Sam Wright is otherwise known as Tech Girl from www.techgirl.co.za. She built her name in the media space as she worked in sales for one of the leading radio stations (YFM). www.techgirl.co.za is a blog for women which talks gaming, gadgets and technology. Being an avid gamer herself, Sam Wright helped pioneer e-gaming in Mzansi and she’s a cool gal to boot.

2. Barbara Mallinson 

Barbara Mallinson is the founder and CEO of Obami. Obami was born when Barbara saw a gap in the education community and developed a platform that helps connect teachers, parents and learners in a virtual community.

This social learning platform is now used by hundreds of schools across Africa, Europe and the US. Obami was recognised as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Technologies in the World in 2011 by Netexplo, UNESCO and partners. Big praise.

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3. Karen Nadasen 

Karen Nadasen is the CEO of PayU South Africa. If you have ever shopped online, then chances are at some point you have made use of this system which makes payment a breeze. Karen joined PayU in June 2012 as a product manager; she then advanced to head of product and delivery manager for MEA, before being appointed as CEO in June 2016.

PayU has a 40% market share in the South African online payments market and with that kind of market share, a woman being at the helm definitely needs to have us take our hats off for her.

4. Aisha R. Pandor 

Aisha R. Pandor is the co-founder and CEO of Sweep South, a company dedicated to getting your home cleaned at short notice with a hassle-free experience. Sweep South allows you to book a home cleaning from your phone, tablet or PC. Aisha has been recognised as the World Economic Forum Female African Innovator 2017 and one of M&G Top 200 Young South Africans in 2012.

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5. Baratang Miya 

This innovator runs the Non-Profit “GirlHype – Women Who Code”. GirlHype is a space that provides programming and app development training for girls and young women. This all in the hope to get women involved and to engage with STEAM (science, engineering, technology, arts and mathematics). Baratang wants to empower and see more young women exposed to technology and entrepreneurship.

6. Dr Adriana Marais

Theoretical physicist, head of innovation at SAP Africa and aspiring extraterrestrial is one woman who is willing to go where no one has been before… Mars. The Mars One project became the talk of the town between 2011 and 2015 when they announced they would be taking 100 candidates on a one-way trip to Mars.

Dr Marais has made it her life’s mission to be one of the few who get the chance to move to Mars once the project gets off the ground which is projected to be around 2020. On this one-way ticket, the volunteers will be expected to create a life that is sustainable on this new planet, just in case someday we have to relocate from Earth.

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7. Dr Mmaki Jantjies 

She became one of the first black South African female PhD computer science graduates in the country at the age of 28. She heads the University of Western Cape's academic department of information systems.

Dr Jantjies believes that technology is no longer a luxury in the education space but rather a necessity and it is her aim in life through technology research to level the playing field in education.

This is only just a handful of women who we think deserve a round of applause for the work they do in technology. Technology is all around us, it is an everyday part of our lives and we salute the pioneers in this field and hope to see more women making moves.

Do you know of any others? We'd love to add them to this list. Email us on chatback@w24.co.za

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