We have all been there: the dreaded Whatsapp group that just won't shut up. EVER! Bothering you with mindless things, when all you want is a 10th of the information given.

Here are a few irritating things people do on Whatsapp:

1. Sending mass messages, which does not allow me to breathe and reply. Do you even want my opinion or is my phone just a means to a YOU-conversation?


2. Inviting me on a "work group chat" and never actually talking about work. Having to wake up to 34 new texts and none of them are relevant to my life plan. Stop it!


3. People that have an alias. Seriously this is not Mxit. Can you not call yourself “Taylicious”, I would like to think that we are all grown-ups here.


4. Sending random videos/media stuff. Do you know how much data you're depriving me off?


5. You: Hey

Me: Hey

You:  How you?

Me: Well and yourself?

You: I’m good and you?


6. Chain freaking messages.


7. "K". Really? I think there are more polite ways to end a friendship.

kourtney kardashian no friends thank god


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