So, you’ve done everything you’ve needed (or should I say wanted?) to do for the day, but unfortunately the day isn’t nearly over. But you can’t leave work yet or go on an extended lunch break. So what now?

You’ve checked Facebook – boring. Been on Twitter – too many subtweets. And everyone else in the office is too busy doing actual work to reply to those pictures of LOL-cats you sent around.

So what now?

Well, you could always check out these time-wasting websites to fill up the time until you can leave work, while pretending you’re having a productive day.

Who's a good boy?

Love dogs? Think pugs are the cutest thing ever? Then this is the site for you. Giggle incessantly as you watch this little fur baby lick glass endlessly – or until you get bored.

Bouncy, bouncy

We’re not sure if this would be considered cruel to animals, or just cute, but for a full 60 seconds it could be the funniest thing ever.

Fruitophiles will love this

Think mangoes are the bomb? Click here

'Your password will expire in...'
You know how when you sign up for a new account on a site and it tells you your password isn’t good enough? Well, this site will do that for you without all the fuss of actually getting account for something. So if you love frustration, click here

Warning: You probably don’t want to click this if you have a temper problem

Holy cow!

Think of this as a seek and find adventure where the big prize is an invisible cow.

Welcome to the Matrix

Always wanted to be a hacker, but don’t know the difference between Firefox and Chrome? Well, now you can have your dream and be damn good at it too. Plus, you can really freak out nosy co-workers.

All the pretty colours

Basically a cool adult version of drawing in paint. You’ll be mesmerised by the beautiful colours and shapes.

Need some new ideas?

Think of the craziest sentence to have ever crossed your mind. Now click this. Pretty awesome, huh?

Hours of fun

A virtual etch a sketch that will frustrate you, but also make you go “oh, pretty sand!”

Need a hug?

This one probably isn’t that useless, especially if you’re having a bad day. Aptly called the nicest place on the internet, it shows videos of people from around the world who are willing to give you virtual hugs. Aw.

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