According to Popsugar, a case of "I’m gonna let you finish, but...," happened to US Chief of Technology Officer,  Megan Smith at the SXSW panel discussion concerning technology, diversity and gender equality.

Google exec, Eric Schmidt and biographer, Walter Isaacson also took part in the discussion.

The problem came when Eric Schmidt kept interrupting Smith during a discussion.

Yet, this did not go unnoticed by audience member, Judith Williams, who, during the Q&A session asked Smith how she felt about the unconscious bias that affects women.

Smith’s spot-on answer, that men often get credit for appropriating female ideas, was met with a rousing applause, even on social media. 

Google employee Judith Williams giving talk on unconscious bias against women earlier this year.

Source: Twitter

The whole situation was rather ironic.

Firstly, Williams is Google's Diversity Programme manager, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Secondly, Schmidt’s rude and constant interruptions occurred during a discussion about gender equality and progress in science and technology.

In the midst of this all, Williams cleverly asked a question that jabbed at the most subtle form of sexism. The fact that Schmidt was 'unaware' that he interrupted Smith speaks volumes. Women’s opinions are still not treated as just as important or equal to that of their male counterparts.

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