For better or for worse, selfies are now a normal part of everyday life.

And oh, sometimes it's "for worse". Some selfie trends are so, so bad.

Not just that, but sometimes it’s about being in completely the wrong place at the wrong time.

There’s a lot to be said about finding the perfect spot and lighting for an amazing selfie, but there shouldn’t have to be outspoken rules that warn people against the dangers of say, taking a selfie on the edge of a rooftop, or, in a lightning and thunder storm.

And yet, the latter is exactly what happened to two young women in Germany who were severely injured during a storm.

According to a report on News24, the young women, who are aged 21 and 23 years old, were found lying on the ground with their clothes severely torn in the city of Wattenscheid. The women were snapping shots of each other when they were reportedly surprised by the storm.

The 23-year old had to be resuscitated and remains in critical care, while the younger woman is believed to be in a stable condition.

Unfortunately taking selfies in dangerous or inappropriate areas is nothing new to the internet but one person in particular - Jason Feifer can be thanked for discovering three of the world's worst selfie trends and creating tumblr feeds of them.

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Warning: these images might make you completely lose faith in humanity.

First, it was "selfies at serious places", a bizarre collection of everything from duckfaces at the Berlin wall to Zimmerman's post-trial ice cream:

Next came "selfies at funerals". The tumblr page's last image is, appropriately, Obama taking his now famous Nelson Mandela's funeral selfie. 

Jason's latest tumblr page is probably the most depressing so far. "Selfies with homeless people". Yep. That's a thing:

Pissed off about this? So are we, but Jason has the best advice on how to deal with the fact that this exists:

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