In a Facebook live stream video that has been circulating social media, Elin Ersson speaks about boarding a plane because a man in Gothenburg, Sweden was being deported back to Afghanistan.

In the video she talks about the asylum-seeking man she believed would most likely be killed if he was taken back to his country. 

According to an article the Independent UK, Elin bought a ticket so that she could board the plane "after she and other activists found out that an Afghan was going to be deported." Elin knew that by refusing to sit down, the flight would not be able to take off.

As seen at the start of the video, Elin did not have the support of the flight attendants and a lot of the other passengers.

She said that a flight attendant tried to take her phone away and other travellers can be heard yelling at her and saying that they want to leave and she should sit down. 

Her protest was not in vain, and in the end both her and the man being deported had to leave the plane so that no more delays would occur and the flight could take off. 

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Elin also mentioned that what she was doing was perfectly legal however the Guardian reported that she could possibly face jail time. 

In an interview with the Guardian, Elin said that she hopes that people will start questioning how their countries are treating refugees. She added that people should start seeing how their country's immigration policies can destroy lives.

The Afghan man's fate has not yet been determined, and the Guardian reports that he is still in custody and would most likely still be deported. 

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