I'm not an Instagram trend follower. At least I hope I'm not. Yeah, right.

Apparently, the biggest Instagram trends of 2015 were:






(And a few more to be found in the below video)

Everyone tries so desperately to be unique and creative that we all end up posting a bunch of boring pictures of either a) a pile of our stuff, b) a freshly brewed artisanal #latte or c) perhaps, just perhaps, our hand holding a product up in the air for display.

We are all guilty, part of the system.

I have taken a selfie, maybe once or twice, I've never, ever shared an elevator selfie, yet I did once or twice do a mirror #OOTD selfie at fashion week (I guess this is also where the #Flash comes in, annoying mirrors!).

Let's see, I think I'm a bit old to be doing the sexy #Peacesign thing millennials seem to have adopted, and a #Bathtime pic share is apparently a new soapie, wet, flirting technique employed by singles wanting to seduce their crush online? Dunno. I'm merely guessing at this point.

Thing is, there's no way to isolate yourself from this influence. You might not be THE ULTIMATE Instagram cliché, but you're nothing special. In a cheesy way, our conformity (#shameless) binds us all together. Just see for yourself: