In 2017, Nokia announced that it was bringing back an old favourite – the 3310. We all remember this phone fondly from the late ‘90s/early ‘00s and we all had that polyphonic ringtone and played Snake, so we were all a bit in our feels when it came back. 

But this was not the Nokia we knew and loved. This was the 3310 reimagined for 2017. You can still play Snake and you’ll still have to press the keys multiple times to type out a message, but now the phone has better battery life, comes in a range of colours and even has a camera. 

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I thought this was cute and a nice way to throw all us millennials back into the memories of days gone by.

But then Nokia decided it wasn’t finished. Now Nokia is counting on not only our nostalgia, but our love of pop culture to try and sell another old favourite: the Nokia 8110 slider “banana” phone.

Originally released in 1996, it became insanely popular after Keanu Reeves used it in The Matrix. Now the phone has been, wait for it… reloaded. 

Sorry. It was too good an opportunity for a pun to miss. 

I first saw the news of the banana phone being rereleased on Twitter after someone I follow tweeted about it. I proceeded to tell her that it could never be me. I was too used to the age of smartphones and the convenience of QWERTY keypads to go back. She argued that she could go back any time. All she needed was to upload her data to the cloud and then continue using the phone for phone calls and emergencies. She could use online apps to text. 

I was still not convinced. 

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So this got me thinking, would we be happy if nostalgia kicked in with all our old favourites and we decided to reboot gadgets from yesteryear, would we actually choose to use them? Vote below.