We live in a digital era, where almost everything we need and want is within our reach. Almost instantly at times.

We order clothes, gifts, food and transport directly from our phones. Some of these things are usually luxuries and we're mainly just attracted to the convenience of the apps which we find them on.

But none of them are actually life-changing.

Of course, with an app like Twitter which has cultivated the culture of hashtivism and has undoubtedly created awareness about the plight of South African women, you can't say no good has come of social media.

The platform consolidates women abuse fighting efforts in one place, featuring public, private and non-profit organisations.

However, there's only so much a hashtag can do.

Yes, hashtags are a symbol of solidarity with rape or abuse survivors but they are not a direct portal of help.

Robyn Farrell, CEO of 1st for Women Insurance and trustee of the 1st for Women Foundation shares the same sentiment.

Farrell admits that “hundreds of admirable campaigns denouncing women abuse have been launched. And yet, in South Africa, abuse against women remains rife.

"A more cohesive step must be taken to create meaningful change and instead of dissipating efforts, South Africans need to come together as one."

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This is why For Women has been launched by 1st For Women and it's been endorsed by the the Minister of Women, Susan Shabangu.

How does it work? It offers speedy help to victims of abuse where they can find information and contact details for safe houses, rape councillors and child welfare plus info about public, private and non-profit organisations who have vowed to put an end to abuse against women.

Non-profit organisations that are involved and represented on this platform include Lawyers Against Abuse, the Epic Foundation, Fathers In Africa, Healing Hands Foundation, Home of Hope, SOS Children's Home, the Centre for Community Justice & Development and the Tears Foundation - just to name a few.  

The platform has been structured to address women abuse in three ways:

Prevention - organisations that work to address the multiple and often interlinked causes of abuse.

Preparation - organisations that empower women with the tools they need to put an end to this social tragedy.

Provision - organisations that can support and assist abuse survivors on their journey.

To find out more about For Women and the organisations which are involved or to register your organisation please visit www.for-women.co.za