We are still trying to recover from the prank two Youtubers (Zac and Jay) played at London Fashion Week.

They decided to turn their friend into a fake model and dress him in the most bizarre outfits to get the attention of photographers, and it worked. 

They got him to wear duct tape, hardware store safety glasses, fake lashes and fake Balenciaga sneakers.

According to Style, the fake model ended up on the second-row of the fashion show, rubbing shoulders with A-listers like reality TV star Jessica Woodley. What a hilarious genius prank!

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Here is a list of our favourite 2019 beauty and fashion pranks. 

Muddy boots

Premium bootmaker Le Chameau announced that the popular Wellington boots Kate Middleton once wore are now available with mud already on them, reports the Daily Mail.

“Introducing pre-muddé. Add an instant, authentic mud finish to your new Le Chameau boots,” they wrote on Instagram.

The Astronaut facial

A spa in Singapore revealed it would be sending their clients into outer space to clear blemishes and treat sensitive and inflamed skin.

They also announced that they had already sent two influencers on the secret space trip, which “produced amazing results, so we thought it's time to unveil our revolutionary treatment,” they wrote. 

Nando’s Peri plump lip kit

Nando’s collaborated with an Aussie make-up brand to launch a range of “wearable sauces” with its new lipstick range.

According to their Instagram post, the limited-edition peri-plump lip kit will be available in five heat levels. 

“Ever eaten Nando’s and wished you could display your favourite basting on your lips? Of course you have. And now you can,” they wrote on Instagram.

The all-weather wedding dress

Outdoor lifestyle brand Kathmandu supposedly branched out, releasing their first ever wedding dress, in partnership with designer Tanya Carlson.

The V-neck dress is water proof, has a train that transforms into a cape with hood, giant pockets and adjustable length.

According to news.com their April Fools' joke is not completely a joke because the brand created just one dress available for auction with proceeds going to New Zealand Himalayan Trust. 

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Breton-striped shirt banned 

Bad news for stripe lovers. Clothing retailer Boden announced that they would no longer be selling Breton-striped shirts because they have been banned by the European Union. 

They claim that anyone who is caught wearing the shirt wouls be fined, reported the Daily Mail.

Money and fresh baked bread fragrances

According to news.com, an Australian direct bank has "released" a limited edition fragrance named 'cash'.

The unisex perfume promises that the wearer will smell like the distinctive odour of hard-cash.

On the same note, a fast-food restaurant called subway announced the launch of a new fragrance called 'bread fresh' for people who want to smell like their freshly baked slice. 

A smart shirt

Snapdeal announced that they are ready to pre-register their customers for the new smart shirt.

The cutting edge technology on the shirt allows the buyer to change the colour of the shirt through a mobile app.

You will simply install the app, choose the desired colour and the shirt will automatically change hue.

You still have a couple of hours to pull together your own genius prank. Happy April Fools'!

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