The pros and cons of cellphones have been placed on the balance scale since its initial release.

Some regarded it as a lifeline – an ideal mechanism for keeping in touch with those around you – while others regard it as a cancer-trigger and a danger to the user’s life.

And now, it seems, there’s yet another study to discourage people from using it.

According to British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, just 15 minutes without your beloved cellular mobile could help the brain release intense emotions. reports that researchers from Rochester University, a private university in New York, asked volunteers to sit alone for 15 minutes, sans cellphone.

The study’s results showed that the 15 minutes in isolation helped the participants rid themselves of strong emotions – both positive and negative – such as anger, anxiety and even excitement.

It’s not the first time a study has shown the positive effects of taking a break of your cell phone.

In 2015, PLoS ONE – a multinational scientific journal – recorded the ways in which a cellular device disrupts the flow of brain activity.

According to a clinical study published in the journal, the brainwaves disrupted by the use of a cellphone are the alpha, slow beta, fast beta and gamma bands – all of which are essential for optimal mental functioning.

So you might want to switch your cellphone off for that advised quarter of an hour. The world will still be spinning 15 minutes later, we promise.

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