Sick to death of seeing that one friend who seems to be spending most of his or her time doing nothing but cluttering your feed with so many photos that it feels like that’s the only person you’re following?

Instagram is finally delivering a solution that will allow you to let your inner petty reign without other people knowing about it.

According to Emily Wang from Teen Vogue, the social media app will be rolling out a mute button feature over the next few weeks. In much the same way with Twitter and Facebook, you can either choose to mute the entire profile or a post that keeps showing up in the top of your feed.

I’ve never been happier.

A while back I remember unfollowing someone On Twitter because I got irritated with this person’s tone of posts. We didn’t have a mute button then so said person noticed and sent me a DM to ask why I unfollowed them.


Needless to say, the resulting walk of shame had me re-following the individual. And when the mute button was introduced, guess whose fingers hit that button stat?

With Instagram’s latest function, users will not only be able to control what they’re seeing, but there will also be an option to unmute should they change their mind.

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To be fair though, I’ve always found Instagram a much less hostile social network than Facebook and Twitter. The environment has, for me, been a place that has focused on expressing creativity and not about policing other people’s opinions.

If that has happened, then so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid it. And besides, vitriol and hate speech is something that doesn’t get a mute from me. It’s gets an unfollow and block.

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Still, I love that the mute button is there as an option, and judging from responses on social media, many folk feel the same way:

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