When it comes to the internet, there’s not a lot that people won’t do to go viral or become internet famous. 

In fact, we’ve previously written a piece about some of the most bizarre and sometimes dangerous social media challenges that people were engaged in. Just recently we were rolling our eyes at how

Drake’s cute #InMyFeelings dancing challenge went one step further and saw people jumping out of moving cars to do the challenge.

The results of that were not surprising. It was also hilarious. 

(PSA: I’m not sure what it is that people expect to happen when they’re jumping out of moving cars, but making a perfect landing and sliding smoothly into a dance routine is not it).

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And it turns out in the latest new social media craze, cars are once again involved – although perhaps not in the way you might think.

Turns out that a new trend, called the #FlauntYourWealth challenge is gaining momentum, particularly in China where users are being encouraged to artfully pose as if they’ve fallen out of their car, surrounded by luxury items.

According to Standard.co.uk, the trend first took hold on Weibo, one of China’s biggest social media platforms and from there just took off and migrated to Instagram. Apparently the trend actually originated in Russia from the #fallingstars hash tag after a DJ posted a photo of himself pretending to fall out of a private jet.

From there people simply decided to see who could outdo each other in the most dramatic and luxurious shoot possible and we must say, there are some pretty strong contenders in this silly challenge.

Is this satirical commentary on lifestyles of the rich and famous or a liberally dose of not-so-humble bragging.

Research has previously shown that one of the biggest sources of anxiety for many millennials is FOMO induced by Instagram. In other words, the glamourised life we often see portrayed (whether it’s true or not), often leaves us feeling lacking in our own lives.

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Yes, social trends and challenges can be fun – and no one says you shouldn’t be allowed to brag every know and then about your achievements, but there’s a difference between being celebratory and well, bragging.

Of course, social media wouldn’t be what it is if there weren’t any counter reactions to the “Flaunt your Wealth” challenge – in response many Chinese government workers have mocked the trend by posting pictures of themselves lying down with their worker’s tools.

Perhaps one might consider the Flaunt your wealth challenge a little tone-deaf in terms of social commentary, but hey, at least the kids are having fun, right?

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