Chloe Cowan discovered a fellow university student, going by the name of Honey Barsa on social media, has been re-enacting her poses and copying her captions for about two years, Daily Mail reports.

The mystery woman even acted out videos Chloe created of her dad, who’s passed away.

Chloe’s sister, Linzi, took to Facebook on Monday, 19 November to warn people about the dangers of social media.

“Don’t even know where to start with this but just want to let people know the dangers of social media,” Linzi wrote.

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“My sister Chloe is at Dundee University and another girl living in Dundee (who my sister wasn’t aware of until this week) has been re-enacting her life on Instagram for almost two years.

“This girl's behaviour is to the extreme of re-enacting videos of a photo album that Chloe posted of my dad who passed away (gives me the shivers when I think about it).

“This girl doesn’t follow my sister on social media and had made a fake account.”

Linzi has apparently reported the matter to local police, Mirror News reports.

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Her post was shared more than 11 000 times but was later deleted.

Honey Barsa has since deleted her Instagram account, reports.

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