A Twitter user called Lewis tweeted that he was "sick" of women complimenting each other online because they don't even know each other.

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It seemed Lewis was mad about one of the nicest things about the internet; women supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.

Well, Lewis quickly got told off by Twitter user Saya Norton.

But then the best thing happened - the next woman to comment on the thread complimented Saya on her lipgloss and so a thread of tweets of women complimenting each other happened because one man wanted to tell women how to respond to each other on the internet.

Lewis to his credit didn't delete the original tweet and we're assuming that his response to the thread was this...

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The thread is a perfect example of the kind of solidarity that happens in women's bathrooms on a night out. Right?

I know I often think about those girls I lent lipstick to who told me my dress was cute and whose hair I complimented. There's a sisterhood that happens in those small tiled rooms so it's wonderful to see when it's carried over to our Instagram and Twitter feeds?

But it's not just this example that shows women love to compliment each other and will go out of their way to tell another girl she's beautiful. These tweets say it all:

What do you love most about girls complimenting each other? Do you like telling other girls they look great? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

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