I'm learning to drive at the moment, and the worst torturous of the entire journey is parallel parking. Just typing the words makes my nostrils flare.

I detest spending hours in a five metre area reversing, spotting the poles, inching forward… only to get it wrong and have my trunk sticking out into the road. "Frustrating" does not even begin to describe this awful, painful, gut-wrenching experience.

It is a pain in the ass.

Then this morning, one of my colleagues sent me this video of an insanely talented parallel parker who has managed to break the Guinness World Record. I could not believe my eyes. I've watched it four times and I still cannot believe my eyes. I mean… Really?! I've spent hours trying to get into one fucking spot, trying to get it right just one time and this asshole can just slip into the tiniest little crack without inching forward or back? I hate him.

Han Yue? If I see you in the street, you'd better run. Okay. I know it's not his fault that I still can't parallel park, but someone has to take one for the team. Unless he offers to teach me how to drive, of course.

Skip the ad (or grin and bear it) and watch the video:

Read more about this Guinness World Record over at Wheels24.

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