Have you ever been in a crisis that you just need to fix, but you don’t have the tools or don’t know how to use them.

Well, look no further and as here is a list of the basic tools that every toolkit should have.

These few tools can help fix those small cracks and leaks that you could find around your home, or hanging a picture frame or fixing a cupboard.

You will need:

•    Hammer:
A claw hammer is an essential tool as no toolbox can be complete without a solid hammer, this multi-purpose tool is used to drive in nails with the flat side and pull bent nails on the other.

When do I use it?

You use a claw hammer to knock in nails or pull out nails, such as hanging a picture, disassembling  a door or cupboard.

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•    Screwdrivers:
The two most common kinds of screwdrivers are the flat head and Phillips-head. The confusion with the screwdrivers happens when there are various sizes and types. Many make the mistake of choosing the wrong screwdriver for the wrong job.

However, there are interchangeable heads or a stubby screwdrivers that fit three sizes in one. According to the Art of Manliness, driving a screw by hand prevents the damage to wood or stripping of the screw, because you can feel when the screw is tight.

When do I use it?

According to Primer Magazine, screwdrivers are used for computers, small electronics, wall sockets, door knobs, or cabinets.

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•    Tape Measure
A tape measure is indispensible, as measuring the size of an item or space is essential if you want to fit something in or resize a particular item. Sometimes it is difficult to read or understand a tape measure and hopefully we can break it down for you.

The important thing to remember is that there are 10mm in 1cm and 100cm in 1 metre. For example, if your box is 12cm x 7.4cm, that means it is 120mm x 74mm. Do not get dissuaded by the top and bottom numbers clashing as they are the same, but just told in a different way, the one in inches and the other in metrics.

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•    Crescent Wrench
An adjustable crescent wrench is a must-have for any toolbox, as it is used to tighten and loosen nuts, bolts, pipes and screws. Although there are various kinds, buying a crescent wrench is great for a DIY beginner.

The wrench has one fixed and one adjustable jaw so you can use it on a variety of sizes. The pressure should only be applied to the fixed jaw, by placing your wrench on the nut the adjustable jaw needs to be placed on the size towards the rotation.

According to the Art of Manliness, you should not push but pull a wrench. This is done to make sure you do not hurt yourself or lose grip.

What do I use it for?

A crescent wrench is used for fixing cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles.

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•    Pliers
This versatile tool, comes in various types, such as cutting pliers and flat type pliers. Pliers are known as the gripping tool, where objects can be bent, turned and manipulated. According to the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety, various types of pliers are used for electrical, communications and construction work projects.

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 •    Duct tape
There are various kinds of tapes, duct tape is a strong rubber adhesive and has a durable waterproof backing. It’s quite hard to remove as it’s meant to be permanent, and it normally comes in colours like black and green.

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•    Utility Knife
A utility knife is used for opening or breaking boxes, ropes or any other breakable material. This is a great tool to have in your kit, as buying one makes opening a package much easier.

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•    Level
A standard bubble level makes sure nothing is ever skew or hanging crookedly. You can buy one, however there are apps that help to make sure that everything is straight and horizontally correct.

To use a level, all you have to do is place it on the place you want to straighten, when the bubble is centred between the two lines there is balance. However, when it sits on the lines, it indicates how far it is from balance.

According to This Sold House, you should check both sides to make sure that your surface is levelled; the bubble should fall in the same place (the centre).

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•    Scissors
Scissors come in handy for anything that needs some cutting and comes in handy in case any emergencies arise, such as cutting bandages, rope, packages, packets, wire.

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•    Flashlight
Illuminate whatever problem and see what you’re doing clearly with a flash light, working in low light can not only damage your eyes, but it can lead to injuring yourself and worsening the problem.

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•    The safety basics (Glasses, gloves, rags)
A well-stocked toolkit will have the basic safety items, such as safety glasses, gloves, rags, pencil, super glue, etc. Adding these essentials will not only make you work safer, but it will also provide confidence in what you doing and make you work more efficient and faster.

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