It’s that time of the year! 

Now is when a lot of people put up their Christmas tree and various holiday decorations to spread a little joy and cheer inside your home. 

But if you’re looking for something a little different this year than just a plain ol’ tree, or you’ve had to ditch the old one and are looking for something new, then here’s a look at some alternative ideas to the traditional tree.

Use a ladder

Get creative and use a ladder, lots of tinsel, lights and baubles to create one of these ideas:

15 ft ladder I believe. #laddertree #christmastree #chirstmas #christmasvillage #newyork #angel #missingdaddy

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#laddertree #bedifferent #feelingfestive

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Make a tree out of bits of plywood

A great alternative if you’re into the more minimalist lifestyle.

Use branches

And hang them on the wall with some lights and baubles.

Try wooden cut outs

So pretty!

Use a coat rack

It’s very Sex and The City, no?

Our makeshift Christmas tree #backpackerchristmas #coatracktree #Melbourne #melbournechristmas

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#coatracktree #diychristmas #wherewillthecoatsgo

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Try cardboard

Why not recycle those old boxes and try something new.

Use photographs

Arrange all your favourite photos into the shape of a tree on the wall and drape lights around it, maybe even give it a star!

#anotherkind #christmastree #photochristmastree

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Use a pegboard

and some ribbon to create this simple but beautiful tree.

Check out what @the_love_riot crafted for us this year. #pegboardchristmastree #hipsterchristmas

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Use your book collection

As long as you don’t hurt them of course.

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