Casey Jenkins from Melbourne, Australia, is doing a performance piece called Casting Off My Womb.

The piece entails Casey knitting what seems to be a rather long scarf from balls of wool that she inserts into her vagina every day.

Casey says “It’s unusual, and it’s confining because I’m attached to this knitting. So I can’t sort of get off and wander around. And, so, really, it’s restrictive, but no, it’s not painful.”

Now, I’m pretty sure you must all be wondering what the hell? I’m going to give you a minute to let it sink in.

Okay. So what does she do when Aunty Flo comes knocking on her lady door? Well, she keeps on knitting of course!

“The performance wouldn’t be the performance if I were going to cut out my menstrual cycle from it,” says Casey. She also says that her period makes knitting harder because “the wool is wet and you have to kinda yank at it”.

Apparently, many patrons of the gallery have approached her saying how brave she is to be doing the piece, but the performance crafitivist says it all just feels “really natural”. Because of course, knitting from your vag is the most natural thing in the world…

And, with this being the internet, there are obviously some mixed reactions and a whole host of jokes, and eye rolling:


Will this change our attitudes towards the vulva? As Casey hopes it will. Or will this just be one of those weird things you found in some corner of the internet?

We wonder if Awkwafina thinks her vag is better than Casey's?

Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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