You will need:

- 1 sheet of 16mm Xanita X-board (costs roughly R360 for a large board.)
- Sharp craft knife and replacement blades.
- Pencil, steel rule and tape measure.
- Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in your own choice of colours.

Here’s how:
The height you want the easel to be can be determined by the size of your child/ren. This easel measures 1200mm in height.

Step 1: Start by drawing and cutting out the A board. There is a slot in the top section of the board that is 16mm wide and 200mm long. This slot allows you to fit the back support.
*There are also two slots lower down that allow for fitting of the front tray.

Step 2: The back support is cut to the shape of exactly half the A shape, angled and notched to fit into the slot. The front tray is a curved shape - use a large plate to draw the curves.

Step 1: Slot all the pieces together for instant art and let the kids get crafting. You will probably be able to make 3 to 4 easels out of one board.

Safety First:
  • Always cut the board on a sturdy surface that can be scratched.
  • Handle sharp craft knives with care.
  • Always keep your fingers well out of the way.

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