You will need:

• raw wooden boxes (ours are 400 x 130mm)

• pretty handles with short panel pins

• wood stain with sealant, or ordinary stain

• sponge brush

• hammer

To make:

1 Pour a little wood stain into a glass bowl and dip your sponge brush into it. Paint the outside of the box and the edges using light, even strokes so that the stain doesn’t make drops.

2 Paint the inside of the box in the same way and leave it to dry completely.

3 Apply another coat of stain over the first layer, to deepen the colour. Leave to dry and paint on another coat, if you prefer.

TIP: If you are using an ordinary stain, you can now varnish the box if you wish to seal it.

4 Attach the handles to the front of the box with panel pins once the stain is completely dry.

TIP: If you prefer, you can use metal label holders - they will give a similar appearance. Screw in place and write on the card what is inside the drawer.

Text and image source: Ideas magazine

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