It's a fact – more and more women are getting stuck into DIY than ever before! Now it's time to totally dispel the myth that do-it-yourself is only for men and that we chicks tend to be very squeamish when it comes to using power tools. Let's be honest here, we're pretty used to holding a powerful tool in our hands (she says, tongue in cheek!). Okay, we'll admit to being slightly scared when it comes to using power tools, but that's only because we haven't been using them as long as our male counterparts; it's simply a matter of practice makes perfect.

My first time...
I clearly remember the first time I switched on a power tool – I must have been about 18 at the time – and I got the shock of my life. But then again, in those days power tools weighed a ton and made an unbelievable racket. We can't use that excuse anymore; modern power tools are ergonomic and lightweight and have been designed with women users in mind – finally! No longer bulky, they're easy to hold and easy to use – once you get over the initial fear.

Fear not the power tool!
Now that's where the problem lies. Most women who want to get involved in DIY are afraid of using power tools. Perhaps their man is still using an impact drill from 19-voertsek, which is enough to put anyone off DIY. Don't stress… the entire human race has a fear of the unknown – we don't like what we don't know. I'm sure there isn't a mom out there that hasn't, at some time or another, heard their child say "I don’t like it", which is all fine and well if they've ever tried it before! The same applies to power tools – you won't know until you try.

A power tool freak!
I have to admit that I'm hooked on power tools. If a new model comes onto the market, I'm the first to see if it is better, or if it can make my life easier. I once had a well-known radio presenter ask me if I drooled when I walked past the power tool section. At the time my answer was "no", but if I honestly reflect on it I suppose I do drool – just a bit! It's not just the thought of owning a power tool that excites me it's the thought of what I can do with it and how much easier it would make my life. I am one of those shoppers that looks at items – then the price – and I think to myself, "I could make that at a quarter of the price". And not only that, but the way some of the goods available today are put together, my homemade project would probably last longer.

The next time you are in a hardware store or home centre, pop along to the tool section and take a look at what's available these days, in fact, take it off the shelf and hold it. Both the Bosch and Skil range of power tools (my power tool of choice) are so good to look at and easy to use, you'll wonder why you waited so long. And if that's your hubby I hear laughing in the background, it's time to show him what you can really do!

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Are you afraid of the power tool? Why not get your hands dirty, get drilling and tell us how it goes...