You will need:

• block-mounted artist’s canvas

• clock face (look on the internet)

• serviettes

• clock mechanism and hands

• notebook

• length of ribbon for pencil holder

• screw-in hooks for keys

• modge podge

• craft paintbrush

• craft glue

• craft knife and cutting mat

• metal ruler

To make:

1 Pull off the printed layer from the serviettes, until you have enough to cover the front and sides of the artist’s canvas.

TIP: Most serviettes have two or three layers. Use two balls of Prestik to pull the layers away from each other.

2 Paint modge podge over the front and sides of the canvas. Place the first serviette on the canvas, rub lightly with your fingers to smooth and paint another coat of modge podge over it.

Cover the whole canvas in this way. Work carefully at the corners and fold the edges in neatly. Leave to dry.

3 In the meantime, fold a length of ribbon into a loop that is big enough to hold a pencil. Glue the ends in place on the back of the notebook so that the loop sticks out at the top.

4 Mark the position for the note- book on the canvas. Cut three slits horizontally through the canvas in which the notebook’s back cover can be inserted. This is so the notebook can be replaced when all the pages have been used.

5 Print out your clock face in the desired size on your computer and cut it out. Press a small hole through the middle of the clock face and through the canvas in the corresponding position.

6 Paint modge podge over the section of the canvas where you are going to stick the clock face. Place the face on the canvas so that the holes correspond and rub it smooth as you work. Apply another layer of modge podge over the top and leave to dry.

7 Press the clock mechanism’s shaft through the hole in the canvas from the back and screw it in place on the front. Insert the hands.

8 Screw the hooks in place at the bottom – drill holes, if necessary – and insert the notebook.

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