You will need:
  • resin and hardener
  • plastic or metal moulds (like plastic chocolate moulds)
  • pictures and added decorations of your choice
  • thongs, chains, ribbon or lace
  • metal rings or thin wire
  • modge podge
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • plastic measuring jug (NOTE: You won’t be able to use it again)
  • plastic spoons
  • toothpicks
  • Prestik or masking tape
  • rubber gloves


  • If the resin is milky before you mix in the hardener, heat it so it is completely clear. Place the jug containing the resin in a bowl and add hot water to the bowl to a level just above the resin. Mix until clear.
  • Resin assumes the texture of the mould. If the mould is not smooth, the resin won’t be smooth either. However, you can file, drill or polish the resin afterwards, provided you have the right tools for the job.

To make:

1 Paint an even, thin coat of modge podge over your pictures. Leave to dry before repeating on the back of the pictures. Apply one or two more coats of modge podge to seal the pictures completely.

2 Cut the pictures to fit the moulds exactly and place a picture in each mould. Arrange the decorations on top of the pictures.

3 Put on a pair of protective rubber gloves, place your plastic measuring jug on an electronic scale and set the scale to zero. Pour exactly 100g resin into the plastic measuring jug, then add 50g hardener. Mix thoroughly but carefully with a plastic spoon, taking care not to let air bubbles form in the mixture.

4 Pour the mixture into the moulds. Press the decorations into place with a toothpick if they have moved and make sure that no air bubbles have formed. You can also pour a layer of resin first, before adding the pictures and decorations, then fill the rest of the mould. If air bubbles form, prick each one with a toothpick.

5 Insert the ring before the resin sets completely. Secure with Prestik or masking tape over the edge of the mould so it does not sink into the resin. You can also twist a short length of wire into the shape of a hook and insert that into the resin, if you prefer.

6 Leave to stand for at least 24 hours to set, then turn out the moulds. Neaten the edges of the resin with a craft knife. Thread a length of thong, chain, ribbon or lace through the ring to complete.

Text and image: Ideas magazine

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